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The software is reliable, but user experience and lack of collaboration makes them feel clunky. Make sure to allocate enough time for training and ramp up. Movie Magic Budgeting has been the go-to industry standard for many years. Gorilla Budgeting is a slightly cheaper and newer competitor, and offers similar functionality. Aside from budgeting, these two softwares offer assistance when breaking down your script, but again, not quite as intuitive as StudioBinder's breakdown feature:.

Many producers and line producers like to use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to create their budgets. Spreadsheets are completely customizable and easy to share with other members of the production team. Are you still hunting down all of the forms from crew members, making sure your production coordinator is on top of all of it?

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With Wrapbook, you can onboard crew members in minutes. The app handles all compliance documents for you. Receive all requests for payment right in the app - including timecards, expenses, and invoices. You can even calculate union dues and taxes right in the app. Can't find a Hollywood producer to back your project? Looking for some extra support on your indie film?

5 Basic Filmmaking Tools for a Faster Shoot — The Film Look

Look no further, as we list the best crowdfunding sites and break down which one is best suited for your project. Thanks to crowdfunding sites, average people with dollars to spare are quickly replacing Hollywood producers. And these two particular sites are a common "rivalry. A great trailer, some storyboards, and a great explainer video can connect you with the fan base you never knew you had. Indiegogo offers the same service but with a greater indie film focus. Unlike Kickstarter, you can opt to receive all funds donated, regardless of hitting the goal you set.

While they have attracted a large user base, the site hasn't really attracted as many film projects as the two previously mentioned. Typically, GoFundme focuses on "cause-based" fundraising. It's always good to weigh the pros and cons before you decide. Some platforms are better than others for certain things. While there is a success a rate associated with some of these, the most important factor is that you trust the company you're using.

You know that the big platforms have paid out millions of dollars to tens of thousands of successful campaigns. There are very few glitches left, so you know that from a technical standpoint, your campaign will run smoothly. But at the same time, smaller companies may give you more of their attention. And there are a few smaller platforms that hold up, regardless of their names aren't known yet.

Every user is required to go through a green-light process to make sure they can execute their project.

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  • Like a wedding registry, donors can give more specific donations for specific items on your production gear, camera, catering, you name it. Slated operates by connecting your project to high net-worth investors with taste suited to your project. No funding is actually transferred through Slated, but the relationships with film producers are worth quite a bit. Running a successful campaign is a great way to grab the attention of an established Movie or TV Producer.

    There are other sites that benefit on-going content creators, rather than backing a one-off project. Looking for a TV Producer?

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    • The service has attracted many Youtubers and web series content creators who need a recurring source of revenue to support their ongoing work. Patreon funds filmmakers on a monthly basis. In exchange, creators provide their backers with updates and exclusive bonus content.

      TubeStart also focuses on digital video creators like Youtubers, or those with an established online audience.

      They require at least 15, subscribers to build a project on their site. Certain projects might affect your platform selection. And that's great. Give them all a try. Or if you swear by IndieGoGo, that's fine too. Ultimately, they all come with their own perks and shortcomings. Below is a cheatsheet on the different fees of each, but if you want a deeper dive into earning percentages, failure penalties, and all other fees, check out our post dedicated to crowdfunding movies.

      We also go into more detail on each platform in our crowdfunding videos post , with an additional few platforms tailored to specific kinds of projects.

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      Aside from your typical camera rental houses or production rental companies, there are sites that cater to time and budget. There is also hardware we highly recommend when you're in the renting stage. It also might just be helpful to purchase some of these items below to make your production as seamless as possible. What we love about this site is that helps you find gear based on your location. This is great for quick shoots, or last minute rentals. The site helps you rent cameras, lenses, drones, and any other video equipment from people around you. You're renting from peer-reviewed renters, and ShareGrid insures all rentals.

      It also lets you share your own equipment and make a small profit! Parachut is a great up and coming site. This startup provides a reasonable subscription based service, and could be worth it if you rent often. Once you're finished with a kit, exchange it for a new one. The cool thing about this site is that they have you fill out a photographer profile.

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      You answer question about your skill level and what you want to accomplish, and they match you with the appropriate gear. This isn't on the bottom for any particular reason. This is probably one of the most trusted online rental services. The only big difference is you're dealing with a more established company so their level service isn't consistent with ShareGrid's community values or startup leniencies that sometimes come with smaller companies.

      Also, unlike the others you can't rent for a few hours, your minimum rental must be one day. They offer a wide selection of cameras, most notably, Sony, along with Canon , Nikon, Fuji, Leica, with old and newer models available. Of course you can always go to a local production rental company, but sometimes sites are beneficial to a smaller budget, and overall efficiency. Much of your work as a film producer involves a flood of digital data on your laptop.

      Make sure you have enough storage space!

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      The MicroSD card will appear as a drive, and will immediately be available for use. This is problematic for producers who rely on their trusty laptops to manage production software and documents on set. The Road Trip is a unique car socket charger that comes with a built-in external battery for charging on-the-go. The idea is that you plug it into your car socket and plug your phone in the other end. When you reach your location, unplug the charger from the car and take it with you to keep your phone charged. It can field calls, emails, check weather, traffic, scan documents, take photos, or become a wifi hotspot for your team.

      As such, battery life can quickly become an issue. The Mophie is essentially a phone case with rechargeable batteries built-in. Mophie and others also offer several external battery options that you can just plug in and use to receive a boost when needed. The Mophie is still our top pick since it offers longer battery life and costs a bit less. One of the most daunting parts of being a film producer is casting your project and hiring a crew.

      While your various coordinators will handle the actual hiring, it doesn't hurt to familiarize yourself with the best tools for finding your cast and crew. Tailored to actors of the stage, silver screen, and big screen, Backstage breaks down your casting call into an intuitive interface. Actors can easily search for parts, perfect for them, and submit to your project online for an easy project. With an easy to navigate structure, Breakdown Services ensures your cast listing reaches its voluminous base of actors. FilmandTvPro markets itself as LinkedIn for filmmakers and film producers. Create your own website, access a directory of filmmakers, and post job listings to find a film crew for your next project.

      While not tailored to filmmaking per say, Facebook is a great place to post a crew listing. With hundreds of Facebook Groups tailored towards filmmaking, posting a listing is a matter of entering your project details and clicking. We've outlined the best Facebook Groups here. ProductionBeast lets you source "from the best crew in television and film industry.

      Tools EVERY Cinematographer Needs - 8 Essential Items for Your Camera Kit

      On the flip side, it's the one stop shop for freelancers. You can easily post a job, and they can find one.