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Thank you kelly.

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Me and my husband are on cycle 3. I was thinking about dark chocolate and he thought about gummy bears as a snack up to calories. Would love to hear your opinion. But cycle 3 is more lenient, so eating just a little might not hurt. Cycle 4? They count as a fat, so be sure to count them when counting your servings. The reasoning behind this is that I am a type 1 diabetic. Mike says that for type 2 diabetics, some followers have reduced or completely gotten off their medications because the diet helps them to better control their sugars.

Just to build on your answer: my step-dad is a type 2 diabetic that is completely off his diabetes medications with this diet. For the rest of the year, he loosely follows the guidelines but allows himself to eat red meats and more cheeses since he loves those things. It has really helped him to keep his weight down and his blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check. Obviously, talk to your doctor first since there can be lots of other health factors to consider. Thanks for your input, Amelia. The book for 17 day diet says to wait until cycle 3 for any nuts and seeds.

What cycle would they fit into and if so how much. What about cheese please? When can I have a glass of red wine again?

Taking it off with the 17 Day Diet - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Great site! Hey — you guessed right, Elizabeth! Cycle 3 is when alcohol is allowed. Good luck this time around! Hope this makes sense. Oh and remember that it does NOT count towards your required daily water intake. Let me know if you have more questions about anything. Just finishing first cycle, loved your resources. Was wondering if you ever had any feedback from anyone doing this diet while on Tamoxifen. The drug is a known cause of weight gain because it affects hormonal balance.

Any ideas?

Hi Constance, thanks for reaching out! Maybe asking the question there would give a response from someone. As for your calorie consumption, generally its recommended to never go below calories in a day. But of course this depends on each person and their gender, weight, height, activity levels, etc. I suggest upping it to at least , but use a calorie calculator online to see how much you should eat daily for weight loss. Also, veggies and proteins are unlimited. Do what is best for you in your situation.

After Cycle 4, the diet says you are allowed to have 3 favorites on weekends. Hi, is there a specific time to eat dinner? I come home late around 9. Or should i just skip dinner?

17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition

What time do you go to bed? Generally, you should stop eating a couple hours before you go to sleep.

17 Day Diet plan

So if you stay up for a few hours, I think eating when you get home is fine. Kombucha is a good probiotic source. What are the ingredients? Just fruit? I did this diet a couple years ago and got to skip cycle 2 and 3 because I achieved my weight goal. I was going to do this again.

Is the 17 Day Diet Just Another Weight-Loss Gimmick?

If I add a couple drops of lemon essential oil would that make my water negative? Or is it ok? I wish you luck this time around on the diet!! Started this on Monday. What is the portion size for meat? Any advice? I have lost 6 pounds already, by the way. Eat until your full, never overeat or stuff yourself. That is the rule of thumb for this diet. Hi Constance! The diet consists of 3 cycles that are 17 days each hence the name 17 day diet.

You basically go through the cycles 1, 2, 3 until you reach your goal weight. If you reach it before going through all cycles, then great! But if you still need to lose more after cycle 3, you can choose to follow cycle 1, 2 or 3 again. If you have more questions, let me know.

This diet does not mention anything about watermelon.. Could i have a slice instead of 2 fruits a day before 2pm? Hi Elle, I highly recommend Cronometer. Click here to go to the site and check it out: Cronometer. Hi Kelly! Just started this diet today with my husband. Was wondering if pickles are allowed? Would love some help on this one.

Dr. Hershberg discusses the 17 Day Diet

Dill pickles are okay — in moderation, they are high in sodium, so eat them in small quantities and not very often. Sweet pickles are not allowed. This diet is trying to move you towards a more natural way of eating — and eating whole foods. Slim fast is not natural. But this is your choice. I think a little would be fine, but watch out for added sugars if there are any. Kelly Thank you for all your advise and support with accurate information regarding the 17DD I am using recipes from Kalynskitchen and would like to know for Cycle 1 portion size for casseroles.

Would your recommendation be a 1C serving?

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I did this diet years ago and lost so much weight. I do eat some fish and eggs so I thought this would be a good thing for me to get back on the weight loss train so to speak.

The 17-Day Diet: Is It Good For Runners?

I have no idea how old this blog is but thank you for all the info. Hi there. I hope you have had luck with the diet this time around! If you see this message, please share your progress.